Cuba Tour Guide

Visit Cuba
and let our friend Alfredo
help you make it a very special experience.

Alfredo is a native-born Cuban who has lived in Havana for many years and speaks excellent English. We met Alfredo when we visited Cuba for a month a few years ago and he was a great help to many of us in our group, getting tickets for us to concerts and other performances that would have been very difficult to obtain otherwise.

Alfredo knows Cuba's cities and countryside. He can look after all the details and find the bargains, special events, and places that you could never discover on your own, leaving you free to focus on simply enjoying your visit.

For example, Alfredo can provide information and assistance with:
  1. How to travel to Cuba
  2. Where to stay - Hotels and Casa Particulares (rooms in private homes)
  3. Where to eat - Restaurants and Paladares (home restaurants)
  4. Tours of Havana, Santa Clara (including Che Guevara's memorial), Santiago de Cuba, and other major cities
  5. Theater (opera, ballet, music), nightclub and cabaret reservations
  6. Tours to the countryside - The beautiful colonial town of Trinidad, and the incredibly scenic beauty of Vinales
  7. Money exchange in Cuba - Pesos, convertible pesos and euros
  8. Havana International Ballet Festival - Held every two years
  9. Rum and Cigar Factory tours
  10. Santa Maria Beach - Havana's most beautiful
  11. One-day (or more) tour to the world-famous luxury resort of Varadero

Enjoy Cuba soon - with the knowledgeable services of your own personal guide.
Have "Our Man in Havana" become "Your Man in Havana".


References are available from satisfied clients in U.S., Canada, U.K. and Germany. Contact for their email addresses.
Alfredo discusses upcoming events with a client at a Havana café.